KBC Sim card lucky draw winners list 2022

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Live in INDIA | Aug 13-16, 2022

KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw Winners List 2022

KBC (KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI)is a reality show which was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. A renowned Bollywood actor for his acting skills in the Bollywood industry. This game show has changed the life of many people. Everyone wants to participate and dream to win the KBC sim card lucky draw 2022. For that purpose they purchase a sim card then they can connect to the KBC platform. Furthermore, you just need to activate your sim card and recharge it. Hence, If you want to stay in touch with our platform you can contact us on our head office number by calling us for your queries.

Moreover, different types of questions were asked to the participant in the game show and if the participant give the right answer step by step then he win the game show and change their life according to their desires. You can check the winner list anytime by visiting our official website.

Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022:

In addition, We are excited to announce that the Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 registration process is updated for Indian citizens to participate easily in the game show. The terms and conditions are changed for the lucky draw to register simply and easily by our updated method. To win cash prizes for Indian citizens the competition made it easier by providing them with more opportunities. The new registration method doesn’t need to fill the forms that made them irritated.

All the sim cards are registered with KBC all over India. It means that an Indian citizen is earlier registered with a KBC sim card lucky draw 2022. Now KBC users that’s your responsibility to stay in touch through our official website regarding the latest announcements and news related to Lucky draw 2022.

How to participate in Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022:

The lucky draw has a huge prize of 100 million. In the random drawing which will be distributed to winners of the lucky draw. Everyone participates in this random drawing by purchasing a sim card for themselves. For checking the eligibility criteria to take part in this lucky draw 2022, call the KBC head office number and asked about your lottery ticket or lottery number. Our head office is placed in Mumbai you can contact us for your queries regarding Lucky draw 2022.

For participating in lucky draw 2022 you must follow the rules:

  • Recharge your sim card due to that your mobile number in our database is updated automatically which shows in the document you are a member of KBC.
  • KBC gives you two chances in a month to become a billionaire.
  • We are available 24/7 for providing relevant information related to the KBC lottery 2022.

All India sim card lucky draw competition 2022 happens twice a month:

Dear KBC( KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI) lovers if you recharge your sim more and more that will increase your chances of winning.KBC manages Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 every year for maintaining the data of their followers and fans for their show. They launched their Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 to get more popularity. Now registration process occurs automatically there is no need to purchase lottery numbers. We will previously choose the lucky winners for the lucky draw 2022. We will always double-check that the winner’s information is correct and accurate that matches our data. The KBC has announced that 25 lakh Indian Rupees is the winning amount for the Kbc sim card lucky draw winner.

If you are facing any difficulties, you can contact us at KBC Head Office:

Simply follow the Guidelines for participating in the Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022:

  • If you are an Indian native, firstly manage sim cards that must be registered on your ID card then you need to recharge your sim card.
  • The KBC author registered you instantly with your sim card for KBC Lottery.
  • When you purchase a sim card, KBC will enter your WhatsApp number for the lottery automatically.
  • For registration purposes, you can contact us on KBC Whatsapp Number.
  • Never lose your hope. You may also winner of the lucky draw in 2022.
  • Our team will contact you back soon as you have been registered, Then you have to be patient for the lucky draws to take place.

Be aware of Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 scammers and fraudulent calls:

You must be aware of scammers by protecting yourself from fraudulent calls. Whenever you receive a call, you carefully see the country code. They usually use international numbers that will start with 0092***. If they asked you to deposit money then they are the real scammers they are making you a fool that you have won the lucky draw by asking for your private information. You can contact us on our head office number or official number. We will take action against this fraudulent call. These are the precautions to avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 winner list :

If you are the winner KBC (KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI) sim card lucky draw 2022, you have to confirm it by contacting our Head Office number. You can also visit our official website to check the updated winner list for 2022. We add some new features All India sim card lucky draw 2022   system. Sim card holders can check and verify their pending prizes in the lottery. If your sim card number matches officially and with the modern system that we have provided to them then they are real winners. To perfectly check the sim card lucky draw system you can visit the official website that gives you verification spaces. Where anyone can check and verify their lucky draw number. Sim card holders can dial the helpline number for further verification and for letting them know about their desired goals.

Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 is real or a scam:

Nowadays you can easily check Kbc sim card lucky draw 2022 is real or scam by sending an SMS to customer care services number for instant verification.Firstly, write “Sim Card Lucky Draw Number” then write “Current Month” enter the information and send it to KBC Customer care service. After passing a few minutes, you will receive a message of KBC (KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI) lucky draw data.That will prove that the lucky draw is real but if don’t receive any message from kbc then unlucky this is a scam message that you receive on your sim card.

All India sim card lucky draw competition 2022:

Everybody can participate in the All India sim card lucky draw competition 2022. This is the most renowned lucky draw in the All India sim card lucky draw where you can win 25 lakhs. Alternately, the cash prizes of 35 lakhs lottery are also renowned lottery in Lucky draw 2022.

You need to recharge your sim card on daily basis. You have to crack the rounds of interviews. To participate in KBC lucky draw you must apply for 25 lakhs lucky draw service. It’s the dream of every Indian citizen to become the winner of the lucky draw competition 2022. We updated the winner list 2022 on our official website. You can check it online anytime and anywhere.

Important announcement for participants of All India sim card lucky draw competition 2022:

Dear KBC (KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI)users, if you receive a call All India sim card lucky draw competition 2022 then you simply follow these steps:

  • You must check whether the sender’s number is real or scam of the KBC head office number or not.
  • You must ask a question about your lottery number from the KBC agent.
  • If he didn’t provide you with your registered mobile number and lottery number then it proves that he was a scammer.
  • Never transfer money to their account because the KBC supervisor will never ask you for money.
  • After the verification process of the KBC sim card, the lucky draw then sends your account details and adhar card to the KBC Head office for recieveeing the winning amount.

All India sim card lucky draw 2022:

KBC (KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI) is the first ever game show that is giving 25 lakh sim card lucky draw contest held in India. The participant can win a huge range of prizes that relies on the questions asked and after giving them the right answers. You can become the winner of the game show.After getting so much appreciation, KBC announced about All India sim card  Lucky draw in 2022 for everyone should be part of it, If you are the winner then you directly contact us on our Head office number for confirmation.

It’s good news for KBC lovers that kbc decided 25 lakhs Indian Rupees is the winning amount for the All India sim card lucky draw 2022. You will receive a message about winning the lottery of 25 lakhs in KBC Lucky draw. To verify check your name, phone number, and lottery number in the All India sim card lucky draw 2022 winners list.

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